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Navigating the Chaos: Identity Access and Configuration Management Strategies for SDN & NFV (eBook)

Communication Service Providers are in the early stages of a transformative shift with the introduction of SDN and NFV. These technologies fundamentally change how networks are secured, operated and managed. Download this free eBook by Pipeline and Nakina Systems, to learn how CSPs can adapt their business models to contend with the unique security and configuration management challenges created of SDN and NFV. Download a copy.


Improve Mobile Network Performance and Customer Experience with Network Data Analytics

Network configuration related issues are the cause for over 40% of mobile outages and degradations. Subscriber churn is single biggest cost associated with poor network performance, followed closely by high operations costs. Network configuration data auditing and anlaytics help operators can proactively optimize network performance, reduce churn and operations costs, and preserve revenue. This whitepaper explores some of the common network misconfigurations in 3G and 4G networks and outlines the business case for mobile service providers. Download a copy.


Security Integrity in Service Provider & NFV Environments

This whitepaper explores some of the emerging security challenges posed in NFV in service provider environments, and provides recommendations regarding what requirements service providers should consider. Download a copy.