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Solution Briefs

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IAM Solution Brief

Privileged Identity Access Management – Must Ask Questions

Service Providers have unique requirements for Privileged Identity Access Management. This solution brief outlines questions every service provider must ask when evaluating potential Privileged IAM solutions. Download a copy.

NI-GUARDIAN for Social Media

Securing Shared Social Media Accounts

Secure and protect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media accounts from internal misuse, external threats and unauthorized access using NI-GUARDIAN Identity Access Management solution. Download the solution brief.

NI-DEFENDER Secure Network Auditing Platform

NI-DEFENDER Secure Network Auditing Platform

NI-DEFENDER is a new class of network security solution known as a Secure Network Auditing Platform. It combines Identity Access Management, Network-wide Continuous Configuration Scanning, and Advanced Analytics allowing service providers to prevent, pin-point, and neutralize network security threats. Read the solution brief.

Data Auditing for IMS

Assuring IMS Network Quality through Data Integrity Auditing

IMS networks are key for a range of new services including Voice over LTE. It’s also one of the first areas to become virtualized, and it’s one of the most complex areas in the network. This solution brief outlines some of the challenges and how Nakina’s NI-CONTROLLER helps assure these networks are ready to support these new services. Download a copy.

Network Integrity Defined

Network Integrity Defined

This solution brief explains the principles of network data integrity and outlines Nakina’s suite of Network Integrity applications. Download a copy.

NIF MANO Enablement Platform

Nakina’s MANO Enablement Platform

This solution brief describes Nakina’s NI-FRAMEWORK MANO enablement software platform. NI-FRAMEWORK mediates and abstracts MANO to any network function, extends orchestration between physical and virtual networks. Download a copy.