Nokia completes the acquisition of Nakina Systems. Find out more.


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Improve Service and Network Performance with Network Data Analytics - Whitepaper
Assuring Security in NFV and Service Provider Networks - Whitepaper
Securing Shared Social Media Accounts - Solution Brief
NI-DEFENDER Secure Network Auditing Platform - Solution Brief
Assuring IMS Data Integrity - Solution Brief
Network Integrity Defined - Solution Brief
Questions Service Providers Should Ask when Evaluating Identity Access Management Needs - Solution Brief
Management and Orchestration Enablement - Solution Brief
NI-SURVEYOR - Datasheet
NI-CREATOR - Datasheet
NI-CONTROLLER Out-of-Box Adapters - Datasheet
NI-COLLECTOR - Datasheet
NI-COLLECTOR Out-of-Box Adapters - Datasheet
NI-DIRECTOR - Datasheet
NI-GUARDIAN - Datasheet
NI-GUARDIAN Out of Box Adapters - Datasheet
NI-FRAMEWORK - Datasheet
Network Function Adapter SDK - Datasheet
TurkTel Anticipates to Save $25M by using Nakina NI-COLLECTOR - Customer Case Study
Time Warner Cable Early Stage NFV Key Learnings - Customer Case Study
Mexican Telco Forum - Identity and Configuration: The Keys to Improved Customer Experience, Costs, and Security - Presentation
IEEE IM Conference Keynote - Presentation
MWC15: NI-COLLECTOR Network Data Integrity and Analytics - Presentation
MWC15: NI-GUARDIAN NFV Security - Presentation
MWC15: NFV Based Mobile Backhaul - Presentation
MWC15: MANO Enablement Presentation, Co-Presented with WindRiver - Presentation
Overview to IEEE Study Group on NFV Security - Presentation
Cybersecurity Goes Mainstream - Article
VanillaPlus Interview with Rob Marson - Article
VanillaPlus Feature Interview with Mary O'Neill - Article
CIO Review 20 Most Promising SDN Solution Providers - Article
Kanata Networker: Nakina SNAP Wins Multiple Awards- Article
Network Integrity: The Key to NFV - Article
Navigating Mobile's Perfect Storm - Article