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NI-FRAMEWORK- MANO Enablement Platform

NI-FRAMEWORK is an open, scalable and modular software platform that abstracts network complexity, normalizes multi-vendor management, and bridges the physical and virtual worlds for OSS and Management and Orchestration systems.

Network Function Adapters

Physical and virtual network functions to connect with NI-FRAMEWORK using adapters to communicate with various network integrity applications, 3rd party applications, orchestrators, OSS and BSS. Adapters are hot deployable, which means that they can be installed on a running system with no impact.

Adapter Software Development Kit

Network function adapters can be rapidly implemented using Nakina’s adapter software development kit (SDK). The SDK provides a development environment and test workbench allowing developers to build and unit test adapters. Nakina offers development training programs so that customers and partners such as network function suppliers, orchestration providers, system integrators, and other 3rd parties, can develop their own adapters.