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NI-SURVEYOR – Service & Security Orchestrator

NI-SURVEYOR is a powerful service and security policy orchestrator that enables network security, operations and IT teams to compose business processes and automate workflow activities.

NI-CREATOR – Service & Network Model Creation

NI-CREATOR enables the rapid introduction of new services and functions into physical and virtual networks. It provides a centralized version controlled method for modeling network functions and defining end-to-end service templates.

NI-CONTROLLER – Audit Networks & Services

NI-CONTROLLER automates audit and analysis of all parameters in physical and virtual networks. NI-CONTROLLER extracts real-time parameter settings and performs Data Integrity Analysis to gold-standards, identifying mismatches to help prevent service degradations and process inefficiencies.

NI-COLLECTOR – Inventory Data Management

NI-COLLECTOR discovers and corrects inventory data discrepancies. NI-COLLECTOR accelerates time to revenue for new services by increasing automated provisioning success rates. It delivers proven operational process efficiency improvements, delivering an immediate return-on-investment.

NI-DIRECTOR – Automated Service Provisioning

NI-DIRECTOR automates the commissioning and administration of physical and virtual network functions, eliminating manual errors and accelerating time to market for new services. NI-DIRECTOR delivers low-touch service activation and network function configuration management.

NI-GUARDIAN – Identity Access Management

NI-GUARDIAN secures physical and virtual network functions and infrastructure. It provides unified privileged identity access management, access control, single sign-on with centralized policy management.