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Orchestration and OSS Partners

Nakina provides Management and Orchestration (MANO) enablement via its NI-FRAMEWORK software platform. NI-FRAMEWORK abstracts complexity between orchestrators, OSS, and other management systems with underlying physical and virtual networks. NI-FRAMEWORK is the industry’s most scalable MANO enablement platform; it supports a wide variety of modelling languages and APIs including YANG, NETCONF, REST, CLI, and Java.

Solution Architecture

Nakina helps you:

  • Extend orchestration to legacy networks.
  • Offload your orchestrators from performing complex lifecycle management duties.
  • Bridge physical and virtual networks.
  • Expand your addressable market.

NI-FRAMEWORK is an open software platform, with proven integration with some of the industry’s leading OSS providers. Some existing integrations include:

OSS and Orchestration Partners

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