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Network Function Providers

You may have the best solution, but many times your product can not be deployed by your customers. Or the time and cost to achieve back-office integration into the myriad of 3rd party orchestrators, OSS and BSS and other management systems are immense and prolonged.

Some common challenges include:

  • Your customers need a unified physical and virtual network function management solution.
  • Your existing network functions must interface into new orchestration systems.
  • Your new network functions must interface into legacy back office systems and OSS.

Nakina Accelerates Market Adoption, Minimizes Integration Costs

Diverse mediation APIs including NETCONF, YANG, CLI, Java, XML, and more.

Extensible to any type of network function and technology, service.

Proven integrations with industry leading OSS, orchestration and network function suppliers.

Nakina NI-FRAMEWORK is a scalable mediation and abstraction platform that easily supports new and existing physical and virtual network functions.

Its extensive mediation APIs enable network functions to seamlessly connect to northbound OSS and orchestration systems without the need for costly, complex and time-consuming new development. Nakina’s proven adapter technology and software development kit allows rapid development and integration for your network functions.

Widely deployed by service providers, integrating into Nakina’s NI-FRAMEWORK accelerates your time to market. Browse our catalogue of supported network function adapters. Contact us to find out more.