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Service Provider Solutions

Networks are growing in complexity from transformational market forces. Facing unrelenting bandwidth growth, flat revenues, and increased competition service providers are turning to new technologies such as SDN and NFV in order to improve costs, achieve operational efficiency, and rapidly enable new services. Operations systems must now deal with networks which are fluid, dynamic, and programmatic.

At the same time service providers must deal with the realities of operating multi-vendor, multi-technology,and multi-generational networks. Networks will be heterogeneous – they will include a combination of physical and virtual network functions, along with traditional and software defined management approaches. These factors all contribute to overwhelming complexity.

Assuring the operational integrity of these next generation networks is crucial.

Assuring Network Data Integrity is Vital

Assuring network data integrity in hybrid physical and virtual networks is both more important and challenging:

  • More autonomous changes in the networks create higher probability for network data inconsistency.
  • Network functions and virtual network infrastructures provide more configurable parameters, increasing the likelihood of mismatches leading to service impacts.
  • The addition of Virtual Infrastructure Managers, Virtual Network Managers, and Orchestrators introduce many new security vulnerabilities.

Hybrid MANO Enablement

Nakina Enables Evolution

Nakina’s solutions are used to manage, maintain the data integrity, and secure the world’s most critical networks.

Nakina provides a unique set of Network Integrity applications to manage, audit, and secure physical and virtual networks.

Our applications leverage NI-FRAMEWORK, a scalable, open and modular software platform that abstracts network complexity, normalizes multi-vendor management, and bridges the physical and virtual gap for 3rd party Management and Orchestration systems.

Holistic Solutions

Global Mobile, Wireline, Cable and Cloud Service Providers such as AT&T, Telefonica and Time Warner Cable trust Nakina to help them accelerate new service introductions, improve time to revenue, and achieve unmatched operational efficiency.

  • Audit network data integrity, continuously and on-demand
  • Improve the accuracy and management physical, virtual and logical service inventory
  • Improve automated flow through provisioning rates
  • Automate parameter and configuration provisioning
  • Secure internal and 3rd party network access
  • Detect and report configuration anomalies
  • Obtain network data integrity analytics to optimize and improve service quality

  • Some of our customers include: Nakina example customers

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