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Covington Capital Corporation

Covington Capital is a Canadian venture capital investment firm focused on supporting the growth and success of visionary entrepreneurs within Canada. Lead by a team of seasoned venture capitalists, Covington has invested in over 100 enterprises throughout Canada.

Covington invests in small to medium sized Canadian enterprises that we believe hold strong growth potential. Our companies innovate and transform their industry’s landscape with breakthrough concepts and technologies. We believe that the key to Canada’s economic success is directly linked to its entrepreneurs and the companies they run. Covington is proud to invest in, and support the growth of these companies, and in turn, the economic success of the country at large.

Our track record of partnering with Canada’s brightest entrepreneurs spans close to 20 years. Covington has supported the growth and development of hundreds of high growth small to medium sized businesses throughout North America.

Vimac Investors Logo

VIMAC Ventures, based in Boston, is an early stage Venture Capital firm with a focus on IT/Communications companies located in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Over the past ten years, VIMAC has established a successful investment history as well as a dominant presence in Canada. Representative investments include Quack (acquired by AOL), Convergence (Amazon), Wavemark (Motorola), FaxNet (Critical Path), (eBay), WaveSmith Networks (Ciena), Avicis (Spheris), and Evergreen Solar (ESLR). The fund is currently making new commitments from its third $150 million IT fund. The firm also manages a separate VIMAC Milestone Medica fund with its own dedicated team that invests in life sciences companies.

EDC Investors Logo

EDC provides trade finance and risk management services to Canadian exporters and investors in up to 200 markets. Through its Equity Team, EDC also invests private equity and venture capital to facilitate the business expansion and export growth of Canadian companies. Partnering with EDC leverages access to a unique combination of financial tools, expertise, and international networks.