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Identity Access Management, Single Sign-On Security Access

privileged identity access management

Identity Access Management complexity is increasing. Service provider networks are increasing distributed and vulnerable. The trend toward outsourced network management means that suppliers, vendors and other 3rd parties routinely access your network. Privileged Identity Access Management strategies are critical for traditional network elements and emerging virtual network infrastructure and functions.

NI-GUARDIAN provides network-wide attribute and role-based privileged identity access management and single-sign to any type of network for users and systems such as SDN controllers and NFV orchestrators.


  • Eliminate security policy caused service outages
  • Eliminate shared and default passwords
  • Assign privileges by role, location, time
  • Neutralize insider threats
  • Reduce security administration costs
  • Unify sign-on network-wide

Key Capabilities

  • Centralized security administration
  • Rapid response to threats, intrusions, and vulnerabilities
  • Attribute and role-based, network-wide policy management
  • Enforces strict & consistent security policy
  • Flight recorder logging of all user interactions, including video logging
  • Enables single-sign-on & automated account management
  • Standard based: ANSI/ATIS T1.276-2003, ATIS PP-0300074, TMF614, TMF615, PCI SSC

Security Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

SDN and NFV increases automation and network programability – more autonomous systems are accessing network functions and resources. Additional resources are introduced: NFV Infrastructure including servers and hypervisors, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), as well as management and orchestration systems must now be protected with increasingly complex security policies. Service-oriented security policies must extend between physical and virtual networks. NI-GUARDIAN is the only solution specifically designed to meet the unique and stringent needs of service providers, today and into the future delivering contextual privileged identity access management protecting the largest, most complex networks.

Product Demonstration Videos

1- NI-GUARDIAN Proxy Login & SSO

NI-GUARDIAN Product Demonstration video 1

2- 3rd Party GUIs Launch

NI-GUARDIAN Product Demonstration video 2

3- Automated application launches

NI-GUARDIAN Product Demonstration video 3

4- Video Logging, Forensic Audit Trails

NI-GUARDIAN Product Demonstration video 4