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Service and Network Function Model Compiler


NI-CREATOR is a software application that allows service providers and suppliers to rapidly introduce new network configurations. It provides a collaboration environment for an ecosystems of suppliers, system integrators and different service provider subject matter experts to accelerate the planning and deployment of new network functions and services.

NI-CREATOR compiles configuration rules from a number a wide variety of data sources which can include spreadsheet, databases, YANG models, XML models, or the network itself to create a gold-standard configuration templates. It allows service providers to create end-to-end service models, or templates, which define the rules and interdependencies between different network functions.


NI-CREATOR compiles a service-aware blue print that Nakina’s security, auditing and analytics solution uses to discover, validate, and assure end-to-end configurations, apply and enforce security policies. It allows operators to pin—point specific configuration errors, accelerate corrective actions, improve network quality, strengthen security, and accelerate service introduction. Service templates can be used by 3rd party management and orchestration systems.

Accelerate gold-standard template creation time

Simplify template lifecycle management processes


  • Flexible data inputs: YANG and XML models, spreadsheets, databases, or network-discovered
  • Define end-to-end service chain rules and interdependencies between network functions
  • Automate network function adapter creation with model-driven definitions