Equipmant Vendor and Service Provider Solutions

NAKINA NI-Guardian

Nakina provides a unified access control and single sign-on solution for your network.

As a Service Provider, you face these challenges:

  • Inadvertent network outages by Jr. operators
  • Shared and default  passwords on NEs
  • Privileges categories vary from NE to NE
  • UserId not verified against HR database
  • Full-time staff to change passwords
  • Can’t manage security from one interface

Secure your network against attacks while saving up to 75% more in OPEX annually with Nakina NI-Guardian which provides:

  • Centralized security administration
    • Operate on users & devices simultaneously
    • Rapid intervention in crisis situation
  • Enforces strict & consistent security policy
    • across an entire network for all users
    • configurable access/usage privileges for each user
  • Logs all user interactions
    • Who is doing what, when, where, centralized traceability
  • Enables single-sign-on & automated account management
  • Applications, EMS or nodal access launch are automatically executed for end user, relieving operations staff from remembering complex and varied access methodologies.
  • Integrates with Corporate IDM & HR systems
  • Standards compliant
    • Based on ANSI/ATIS T1.276-2003, ATIS PP-0300074
    • TMF614 and TMF615 Compliance

Manage users not devices

The Nakina User Security administration tool is one of the key components of the Nakina security management infrastructure, allowing system administrators to create unique user credentials for every network operations staff member, and to assign and control with precision the user privileges of every unique staff member.

Examples of capabilities available through this powerful security administrative tool include the ability to:

  • create security policies that dictate password syntax, password actions, user account and session parameters
  • track login failures
  • configure user roles which define a user’s permissions to perform tasks and access network elements as security administrators so authorize
  • define user groups that combine multiple users into functional or geographic communities
  • create system policies that are displayed to each user upon login
  • configure, audit and test external Authentication, Authorization and Audit (AAA) destinations to which selected role data can be exported, such as to an LDAP directory server
  • centrally log all user operations activity on the network

Although estimates vary, service providers will spend between $10 and $50 in operating expenses to change each password in their network. With tens of thousands of network elements in a typical service provider environment, annual security administration costs often run in excess of several million dollars when strong security measures are enforced network-wide.

Unfortunately, the alternative - permitting weak security policies to infiltrate the operating environment - is often the result. This includes shared passwords among operations staff, neglecting to disable accounts of individuals no longer with staff, and leaving default "admin" passwords unchanged on many network devices as a common practice.

The Nakina device security component improves security features and processes throughout the entire network and offers a two to six month ROI.   It lets you automate the burden of password policy enforcement with a single, consistent security administrator console that applies equally to all element types, regardless of vendor.

So forget trying to manage cryptic password scripts. Let Nakina handle the mundane but critical tasks with an easy-to-use, powerful security administration application for managing NE account credentials across your entire network.